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5 Top Tips for a Happy Healthy Festival Experience

5 Top Tips for a Happy Healthy Festival Experience

The biggest bands. The muddiest fields. The most unmentionable portaloos! Yes, everyone is gearing up to enjoy the events that truly make a summer: festivals. If you’re heading off for a weekend of wonder, then make sure you do it safely with our indispensable guide…

  • Keep your valuables with you. This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s tempting to think that your tent will be safe amidst the thousands of others. It won’t! The number of thefts increases every year in direct proportion to the number of festivalgoers so don’t risk it; keep it safe.

  • Beware of pickpockets. These sneak-thieves are in their element when there are crowds of people packed tightly together. When you’re all dancing together, it can feel like one big happy festival family but you must be aware that not everyone has good intentions. Wear a money belt and keep it inside your clothes; be discreet when paying for things and don't make yourself a target.

  • Be sensible. Yes, we’re boring and we sound like your mum. But it’s only because we care! Take some time (preferably during the daytime before it’s dark and you’re tipsy) to familiarise yourself with the festival site, taking particular note of where the first aid facilities are.

  • Look after your mates. Stick together and make sure everyone in your group is happy, healthy and having fun; they’ll be watching out for you in return.

  • Stay healthy and nourished. Festival food and drink is notoriously pricey and so many people take some of their own stuff along to save a bit of cash. The instant barbecue really comes into its own during festival time but it is ESSENTIAL that you keep these devices WELL AWAY from your tent. As well as the risk of a fast-spreading fire, you’re also risking a potentially-lethal dose of carbon monoxide.

Have a fab, safe and memorable festival; enjoy soaking up the atmosphere. But make sure that’s all you soak up!