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A Boiler is for LIFE

If the recent cold snap has left you feeling a little sorry for yourself, reminding you that the long winter is getting ready to dig its heels in, then just imagine how your poor boiler is feeling!

After months of working diligently to keep your home warm and your taps flowing with hot water, your boiler is in need of a little bit of TLC, not only to make sure it keeps on functioning efficiently as you crank up the heating but to put your mind at easy that it does so safely as well. A boiler service is most definitely on the cards and it’s a job for the professionals so be certain to get a qualified expert to check yours.

The Issues

An unserviced boiler can present many problems. Firstly, and most importantly, a boiler that is not functioning correctly can allow carbon monoxide to leak into the atmosphere around – this tasteless, odourless gas is FATAL to humans and animals if a large quantity is inhaled. Carbon monoxide detectors, available from CO Home Safety for immediate dispatch, should always be installed in the home and workplace.

Secondarily, unserviced boilers may become inefficient, burning more energy than they need to and producing less heat. This is literally pouring money down the drain and so of course should be avoided! A boiler service will make sure this doesn’t become an issue for you.

When Should I Have My Boiler Serviced?

It is recommended that a professional service is carried out at least once a year. Now is a good time to get it done so it is ready for when the colder season returns (hopefully not too soon, thank you very much!) – lots of people get caught out and end up booking an emergency service in winter so it’s good to get ahead of the crowd.

What Happens During A Boiler Service?

  • An outward visual inspection is carried out first to check for obvious problems such as leaks or corrosion (rust)
  • The casing of the boiler is then removed and the functioning of its main components tested and verified
  • Next comes a gas pressure check – it is important that the correct gas pressure is set to ensure optimal function
  • Then it’s a flue test which is vital to check that there is no carbon monoxide or other emission being released
  • A clean boiler works better than a dirty one and so a full cleaning job is carried out on all reachable parts
  • The casing is then replaced and sealed correctly
  • The engineer should leave a document with you that lists all of the work carried out and is signed and dated

Make sure YOUR boiler is ready for the coming  winter; have it checked and serviced  by an expert. Install CO detectors and get ready for the warmest, safest winter ever.