CO Home Safety Ltd


CO Home Safety was built from the want and need of its founder Russell Pilkington, to inform people of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.

As an ex member of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), also serving the community and industries as a electrical engineer, a gas safe operative and Fire Alarm Engineer. He was and is often the ‘go-to’ person for advice on technical issues.

Russell’s partner was doing some voluntary work 9 years ago within the local community, when she went to a meeting for improving the safety of the vulnerable people in the area – fitting spy holes and door chains, providing personal alarms and fire alarms. She mentioned to Russ that Carbon Monoxide alarms had been discussed within this meeting. Budgets and division of work had been agreed for all available resource except the CO alarms as no one (including the Fire Brigade) felt they had sufficient knowledge of them to undertake or advise on the installation.

“What do you know about them?” was the question asked to Russ. He knew what a Carbon Monoxide alarm was and after some research it answered the main questions as to the best places to fit them. What he also found out was there are a small number of voices, mainly victims and survivors of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, within the UK trying to get the message and promote the dangers of CO poisoning to the wider public.

Russ was shocked at the lack of knowledge and set up a website to add to that voice and intended to keep the message going via awareness supported by the sales of Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Russ's work in this area has seen him travel all over the UK to meet with important officials, including visiting the House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as speaking as a member of the Carbon Monoxide Consumer Alliance. As the movement became more established and the message stronger, Russ turned his attention to other issues as he was not motivated by commercial gain.

From Russ's initial quick research, nine years later this message is still as important and  still needs to be shared; this is the main purpose of relaunching CO-Home Safety (formally CO Alarms Ltd). As well as spreading the messages of charities such as – who do not receive the funding that they desperately require. Russ via CO Home Safety wants to support these associated charities and causes which could save the lives of many people, by providing quality, tested and reviewed products to fund the solid information and advice about Carbon Monoxide and the dangers to everyone!