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Ant and Dec push the button on their new CO Alarms, courtesy of CO Angels Stacey Rodgers and Fireangel.

Ant and Dec push the button on their new CO Alarms, courtesy of CO Angels Stacey Rodgers and Fireangel.

How many buttons do we push daily? Some buttons are for making life easier - a quick microwave meal for example. Some buttons are for entertainment, such as turning on the television or the radio. Some are for more unique purposes, like game shows viewed by millions of Britons on a Saturday night. 

Ant and Dec’s push the button recently hosted the Simpson family,who won on the show.

Luckily for everyone’s favourite Geordie presenting duo, The Simpsons were not the only winners this time. They also benefited, as a friend of the Simpson family is Stacy Rodgers, who is an avid campaigner for CO Awareness and gave the celebrities an essential piece of home technology - the Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

She was tragically inspired into campaigning to raise the awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning by the passing of her son Dominic.

Ant and Dec recognise that CO poisoning does not discriminate between its victims - whether it be a celebrity such as Charlotte Church, Nadine Coyle or a member of your family - everybody is at risk.

That is why we are offering a promo code of antdec.

With every purchase of an alarm using this code, a donation will be made to the Dominic Rodgers Trust and CO Awareness, the charity founded by Lynne Griffiths, who support the victims of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
This will help to raise awareness even further and also provide support for unfortunate victims.

Yes, a lot of buttons are pushed every day in every walk of life - such is the age of technology. New gadgets and machines are not only created to serve for our efficiency in household tasks, they are there to save our lives. We sell only quality alarms from manufacturers such as Fireangel, Honeywell and Aico   tested to European Standard EN50291:2001 to deliver a premium product and service to our customers. Go on Push the button! Make the silent killer audible! Help the charities and yourself to fight Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

To purchase your alarm use code antdec
Victims support www.­covictim.­org
For additional information: http://­www.­fireangel.­co.­uk/­products-battery#­carbonmonoxide