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Be Safe, Not Sorry: Get a CO Detector Today

Over the past few weeks, we have been bringing you lots of important facts about carbon monoxide and how the deadly gas affects the human body. Every article in our news archive points in the same direction and so make sure you follow that crucial signpost…

The only way to be safe, rather than sorry, is to make sure that your home is fitted with a CO detector. Our aim is to spread the message far and wide that CO is an extremely dangerous and damaging gas when it gets into the air we breathe and so EVERY home should be equipped with the means to detect it.

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm CO-9BFireAngel Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm CO-9BFireAngel Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm CO-9B

When the smoke detector first came onto the market, it was an optional safety device. Very quickly, its ability to save lives became widely known and people bought smoke detectors in their millions, making them one of the most common items to be seen in the home. More recently, laws were introduced to make sure that landlords offered protection to their tenants in the form of smoke alarms.

We want to see the same thing happen with CO detectors: they should be considered as important as smoke detectors and be subject to the same laws and guidelines. CO poisoning can kill just as surely as smoke and flames with the added danger that it is completely invisible and has no odour.

CO Home Safety, as well as being here to help raise awareness and offer support, also offer access to a carefully-chosen selection of CO detectors. We have chosen only the highest-quality products we can find and offer access to them at consistently low prices, meaning that you can enjoy immediate protection from the potentially-deadly effects of ‘the silent killer’.

We invite you to browse the superlative selection of CO detectors available on our website. If you need guidance in selecting exactly the right model or have any other questions or concerns around CO, then give our expert team a call for confidential, competent and clear advice.