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Carbon monoxide alarm evacuates animal hospital

Seven occupants and firefighters treated for exposure

The Millstone Township Fire Department has responded to a high number of carbon monoxide alarms this year, most involving the improper use of portable generators.

Most recently, at 7:35 a.m. May 16, the fire department and Millstone Township First Aid Squad were dispatched to 34 Trenton Lakewood Road for an activated carbon monoxide alarm, according to the Millstone Township Board of Fire Commissioners.

Millstone firefighters under the direction of Chief James Carbin arrived shortly after dispatch to find high levels of carbon monoxide in the Northstar Veterinarian Hospital. Firefighters immediately evacuated the building of occupants and animals.

Multiple multigas detectors were used to investigate the source of the leak. Firefighters determined that a cleaning contractor’s generator running near an open doorway was the carbon monoxide source.

Firefighters used multiple large ventilation fans to mitigate the situation and ensured that the building was safe for occupants to return. The township’s first aid squad and the Roosevelt First Aid Squad evaluated seven occupants. The Millstone Township First Aid transported three occupants to CentraState Medical Center in Freehold for further treatment. An ambulance from Plumsted Township evaluated the firefighters that operated on scene. The New Jersey State Police also responded.

Millstone Township Board of Fire Commissioners Vice Chairman David Markunas said, “We want to caution all residents that generators must never be used indoors or near air intakes. Generators should also never be used inside a garage even if the doors are open. There is just not enough ventilation to dissipate the carbon monoxide produced by the generator.”

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