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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Scheme Launched

Every year, about 30 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning as gas leaks from home appliances such as cookers or boilers. Many others also suffer ill health as a result. A national campaign called 'Be Alarmed!' has been launched which aims to raise awareness among householders of this danger.

Carbon monoxide is produced when fuel-burning appliances are incorrectly fitted and poorly maintained or if flues, chimneys or vents are blocked. This highly poisonous gas has no colour, taste or smell, making it impossible to detect without a proper alarm.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion and a loss of consciousness. For more information about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning please read our Carbon Monoxide Poisoning information section on

Advice if you feel you are suffering from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you feel that you are showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, you should move away from the possible source, open the windows and ideally go outside. Seek medical advice immediately.

"You can minimize the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by making sure that your fuel burning appliances are checked at least every year."

There is evidence to suggest many people do not take the threat seriously enough with just 11 per cent of households in London, for example, having an audible carbon monoxide alarm fitted. The Directgov website has information on energy health and safety, and lists advice and respon­sibi­lities for homeowners, landlords and tenants.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Alarms

If you wish to buy a Carbon Monoxide Alarm or you are a landlord that requires a number of alarms for your tennants contact Russ

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