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Carbon monoxide detector saves family of 7 in Lebanon

A family of seven is thankful to be alive this weekend after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning early Friday morning.

The Hillmans heard their carbon monoxide detector go off around 3:30 in the morning so they rushed to get the whole family outside.

It's lucky they did, assistant fire chief, Jason Cole says most people either don't pay much attention to their CO detectors, not understanding how they work, or just don't have one at all.

All seven were treated for their symptoms, though most only suffered dry eyes and scratchy throats.

Cole says Lebanon has responded to at least 9 different carbon monoxide poisoning calls this year. 

Carbon monoxide detectors are currently not required by law in the state of Maine for the average homeowner, but rescue workers strongly recommend them.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors Save Lives

This story proves that Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors save lives. The true number of incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning is unknown, since many non-lethal exposures go undetected. From the available data, carbon monoxide poisoning is the most common cause of injury and death due to poisoning worldwide. It has been estimated that more than 40,000 people per year seek medical attention for carbon monoxide poisoning in the United States.

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