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Carbon Monoxide Tragedy!

Two boys from Northern Ireland have been reported dead after suspected Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Both boys who were 18 and awaiting A Level results have been named as Aaron Davidson and Neil Mcfrerrean.  The tragedy occurred late Tuesday night around 21:30, after a relative of one of the boys informed authorities after taking a call from the boys themselves.

John Mcpoland form the ambulance service suspected the boys died from carbon Monoxide poisoning only for it to be confirmed by the fire brigade. They entered with special equipment and highlighted that there were high levels of carbon Monoxide present in the room in which the boys were staying.  They are trying to locate the source of the leaking carbon Monoxide, but it is too early to identify the exact cause. In the meantime the entire apartment block has been evacuated till it is safe enough to return.

The news has taken many by surprise. The school which the boys attended have said they were highly active pupils and will be sadly missed by friends and family. Another boy who was staying in the room was recovered unconscious and is being treated at Causeway hospital in Coleraine. He has not yet been named but is in a stable condition and due to make a full recovery.