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Clocks go forward this weekend - Check your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This Sunday everybody in Britain will take time to move their clocks forward one hour for daylight saving. CO Home Safety Ltd recommends that whilst you are doing this, check your Carbon Monoxide Alarm and smoke detector batteries.

CO Home Safety Ltd is a company set up to stop people dying and suffering from "the silent killer".

Following research into this topic, we were shocked and dismayed to know that so many were suffering and dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.

We had to do something to make people aware of what the cause and effects of Carbon Monoxide are and how to avoid it.

Just having a carbon monoxide alarm could avoid these tragedies! 

You must also get your appliances checked by a gas safe registered operative. 

Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA)

The Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA) is aimed at raising awareness surrounding the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the UK. It is represented by members of the gas, solid fuel (wood, coal), oil, Carbon Monoxide Alarm industries and Carbon Monoxide Victim support Groups.

CO Home Safety Ltd are a member of COCAA demonstrating our commitment to supporting an awareness of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

More about Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  1. Carbon Monoxide Alarms do NOT function as smoke Alarms 
  2. Smoke Alarms do not work as Carbon Monoxide Alarms 
  3. Only select Alarms which are officially approved (and kite-marked where appropriate)
     to BSEN50291 standards:
    Follow manufacturer's recommendations for placement in your home. 
  4. Treat all activations as real and get the activation checked out by a professional.
  5. Evacuate everyone from your home immediately leaving the door open for ventilation on your way out.  
  6. Notify the Fire Service from a neighbour’s home. 
  7. Test CO Alarms at least once a month, following the manufacturer's instructions.  
  8. Replace CO Alarms and batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions (every five years normally).  
  9. Get a Carbon Monoxide Alarm today!

And while your busy........

Why not give a family member a call remind them and have a chat, they will appreciate it!