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Carbon monoxide, which can leak into the home from faulty heating systems, fires and other appliances, is known as the silent killer because it is a tasteless, invisible, odourless gas. If the leak is small, the poisoning effect can take days or even weeks to build up in the human body, with the affected person believing they have nothing more than a dose of the flu. Left unchecked for too long, the effect of the gas is fatal and young children and the elderly are particularly at risk.

Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Detector-Alarm CO-9D FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm CO-9D

All of this sounds pretty grim but the simple installation of an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor offers immediate, ongoing protection. Always on the alert, and with sensors much more finely tuned than you or I have built into our breathing equipment, these alarms can be literal lifesavers and, when you consider the paltry cost of purchase and ease of installation, nothing could be more pressing right now than to get protected.

 The technology within CO detectors is extremely sensitive and accurate, proven to sense even low concentrations of the deadly gas. The tiny devices, which will emit an audible distress signal if the CO levels are too high, should be placed in every room where fuel is regularly burnt, included fires in the lounge and boilers in the kitchen or upstairs.

  •  Simply pop it on any table or shelf – you can wall-mount it if you prefer and this should be done at around head-height
  •  If you go for a portable model, it should be placed in the room where the user spends the majority of their time such as a bedroom or lounge, if it is not possible to transport it from room as the user moves around
  •  Take care not to block the sensor with cupboard doors, behind the furniture or near sources of draughts and ventilation
  •  Also do not locate them right next to a fuel burning appliance or on top, allow at least 1m and preferably 3m between sensor and appliance

 Don’t gamble with health and safety – purchase and fit smoke and CO detectors! Get yours today.