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FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm CO-9D

Part number: CO-9D
Fireangel Carbon monoxide alarm CO-9D digital 7 year life.
The digital LCD display shows low levels of CO down to 10ppm and also peak readings over the previous 4 weeks
  • £19.50

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm CO-9X

Part number: CO-9X
CO-9X Carbon Monoxide Alarm.
An internal power pack will power the alarm for 7 years.
Automatic self diagnostic check.
Ideal for homeowners,­social landlords and utilities.
BS EN 50291-2001.
  • £17.50

FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm CO-9B

Part number: CO-9B
A battery powered carbon monoxide alarm that's easy to install and fully portable
  • £14.50

BRK Battery powered CO Alarm

Part number: CO4000EN
Battery powered carbon monoxide alarm
  • £18.50

First Alert - Combination CO and Smoke Alarm

Part number: SCO5UK
Combination Smoke & CO Alarm - SCO5UK
  • £24.50