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CO: Facts That YOU Need to Know

CO is a very real threat to health and, in the worst cases, can even result in tragic, preventable deaths. If you’re not aware of the risk, then you need to check out our handy guide that tells you all you need to know...

CO alarms

The CMO (Chief Medical Officer) for England released figures that showed preventable CO poisoning cases resulted in around 40 deaths per year in England and Wales

The most recent figures available from the Department of Health show that there are around 4,000 reported cases of CO poisoning per year leading to attendance at at casualty department in England alone

CO is often referred to as a ‘silent killer’ because it has no odour and the symptoms can take some time to make themselves manifest. As the source of CO in the property may be small, the poisoning buildup can go unnoticed for a critical amount of time, with the sufferer attributing the symptoms to some other cause

The highest risk is posed to children under 14 years and adults over 65 years: these groups account for 31% and 25% of all CO poisoning cases, respectively

There are several ways that CO can get into a property, the most common being badly-serviced heating systems and appliances which use fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) as their power source

The very best, proven way to protect yourself is with dedicated detectors - there is no better or more reliable alternative

There are other ways to identify an excess of CO in a property but these should be used to complement, not replace, the protection offered by a detector. These ways include looking out for pilot lights which burn orange (they should be blue), sooty stains near or even on appliances, a sudden excess of condensation, slowly-burning and/or difficult-to-light fires and several family members experiencing flu-like symptoms for an abnormally-extended period of time CO Home Safety offer rapid, competitively-priced access to carbon monoxide detectors/­alarms from renowned manufacturer FireAngel.

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