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Detect, Plan, Survive

What is your planned procedure in case of fire in your home? Your smoke detector is likely to be the one who gives the first notice and you’re probably pretty certain about what you and your family would do if it woke you up one night. Now that you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home too (and if you don’t, then you should!), you need to have a similar plan in place.

CO DETECTORSThe good news is that the CO plan is certainly not as hectic as in case of fire! It is however, just as crucial to follow the right steps in the right order. While carbon monoxide is not as dramatic as smoke and flames, it is still an incredibly dangerous hazard with exactly the same potential to take life.

First things first. Make sure you buy a CO detector from a reputable supplier who really cares about the issue. May we recommend… ourselves!? An eclectic choice of detectors with different features that are all guaranteed to alert you to raised levels of CO in the air in your home. Place the detector/s as recommended in other, more focused articles on our website and (here comes another crucial point..) TEST THE DETECTOR REGULARLY, just like you do with your smoke detector. Then you’ll be certain it’s working and always reminded of what noise it will make if activated by the silent killer. If you hear that noise. Then follow the three steps to success…

  1. Open all the doors and windows you can safely access. You’re going to need the airiest air-out ever. Get outside yourself too, but don't leave the house unsecured! If you must stay in the house, get in the airiest possible part, near a window or door.

  2. Pick up the phone and report it. There is a dedicated 24-hour Gas Emergency support team available on 0800 111 999. Follow any other advice they give you.

  3. Now it’s time to see if the culprit can be identified and brought to justice; your appliances will all need a thorough questioning by a Gas Safe engineer! They will check each carefully to identify the source of the problem.

Buy YOUR detector!