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Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm?

Superstar Stacey! On the BBC this morning. http://­www.­bbc.­co.­uk/­news/­12892734

Stacey Rodgers of CO angels on the carbon monoxide campaign trail.

The CO Angels are a campaign group made up of 3 women who have lost family members through carbon monoxide poisoning. They want to get an extra 10 million alarms installed in homes by 2020.

Another Angel who deserves a mention is Lynn Griffiths a tireless campaigner!

 Visit www.­covictim.­org a charity formed to raise CO awareness and in particular support victims of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Lynn's story: http://­www.­youtube.­com/­embed/­LNMKgAb6woo

The 'Silent Killer' Carbon Monoxide! Has the potential to affect us all. Avoid being a victim buy an alarm today. Let's make  The 'Silent Killer' audible.