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Eastenders Carbon Monoxide Scare !

Carbon Monoxide onscreen drama!

The silent killer, carbon monoxide is maybe something we haven’t heard about or maybe it is something we have heard about but don’t really know that much about it.

Either way the danger of it and the effects that it has on people’s lives is devastating. The latest drama to unfold will be played out onscreen to millions of viewers on Eastenders.

It involves the popular character played by Cheryl Fergison. Heather as she is known in the soap is a single mum who is having a spell of bad luck recently. Her lack of money is something that is causing her problems and when she cannot afford to repair her broken boiler she ends up putting her life at risk.

Heather collapses after inhaling toxic fumes which the boiler is releasing due to its fault. She is not made aware of this and thus collapses after consistent inhalation. She is found unconscious but still breathing led on her sofa by her best friend Shirley Carter.

This drama sees her left fighting for her life! Just like in Heather’s case, toxic fumes – inclusive of carbon monoxide cannot always be heard and the common black spot patch, which changes colour when carbon monoxide is present and then eventually turns black isn’t proving as efficient as it was first thought. The only person who sees it turn black completely is the people whose job it is to take you out in a body bag!

CO Home Safety Ltd can stop you being another fatality the combination of poor installation or maintenance of household appliances, fuels not burnt properly, poorly ventilated rooms and the fact that most of us in today’s society have double glazing! All this can contribute to toxic gas inhalation if it is released and with just a visual sign as with the black spot patch it is not always seen in time.

Our alarms make this silent killer audible. You get both the visual and the audible warning immediately when there is carbon monoxide present. This could save not only your life but also your family and those you live with.

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