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Eastenders Carbon Monoxide Scare is fiction. This is Fact!

BBC Radio Manchester on the Heather Stott show Friday 18th February 2011. (9am-12)

 Mary-Jane and Dave Worswick whose daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning have marked the seventh anniversary since her death by launching a fresh campaign to raise awareness of the ‘silent killer.’

Fifteen-year-old Mary-Ann Bailey and her friend Martin Taylor, 21, were found dead at a house in Hadfield in 2004.

Their deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty gas installation.

 Mary-Jane and Dave Worswick have been campaigning to raise awareness ever since and have attended the House of Lords and many other venues to keep the message going.

As part of their tireless campaigning to protect the lives and suffering of others, they have been invited to speak on BBC radio Manchester’s Heather Stott show.

Mary-Jane said: "I cannot stress enough the importance of having a CO alarm as well as having your appliances regularly and properly maintained by a qualified and competent engineer.

"If an alarm had been fitted in the property at the time of Mary-Ann’s death, she and her friends would have been alerted to the danger and she would still be with us today.

"We would like to see CO alarms fitted in all properties because unfortunately appliances can and do become faulty.

"With carbon monoxide being completely invisible to all our senses you need an audible alarm to make you aware of its presence.

"A single breath of pure CO is usually immediately fatal and chronic or low level continued exposure to CO can cause serious long term neurological health issues."

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