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Help + Care (and other four-letter words!)

Help.. I need somebody.. Help.. Not just anybody...”

So begins one of the most famous tracks ever recorded by the Beatles, a pretty amazing feat when you consider just how many songs the band released. It’s also been covered a good few times (most, or perhaps least, notably by Bananarama) but ,of course, none of these versions are anything like as good as the original and best.

Help You - Help Us - Help Everyone

Help US: we want to get our message as far as possible and you can help by sharing it on our behalf. Tell two friends, get them to tell two friends each and… well I am a writer and was never any good at maths but I know that we will soon reach a lot of people. Help us to keep going by buying the CO detectors and encouraging others to do the same.

Help YOURSELF: protect your delicate human body from CO poisoning, which is so insipid and causes confusion that you may not even be aware of the symptoms until your system is quite badly damaged. Your family is a natural extension of yourself so this part includes them too.

Help EVERYONE: you don’t need to know someone well, or even at all, to be able to help them. Think about people in your local community who may not be able to receive the CO Safety message, perhaps because they are elderly,  unwell or otherwise vulnerable. We humans are masters of our environment but this mastery has come with many drawbacks: keep the human side alive and healthy… just HELP!

The secret behind the success of ‘Help!’ is a simple one: the lyrics are very heartfelt, direct and passionate, referring to one of our most enduring  human traits: the ability to offer assistance to others when they need it. And so the song is at once universal and timeless; it could have been played a thousand years ago (if they had record players) and might well be played in a thousand years from now (and hopefully still on vinyl).

We are always looking at new ways of raising awareness about CO and the devastating effects in can have on people. Just like the Beatles’ classic hit, what we do here at CO Home Safety is universal and timeless: unlike the Fab Four, however, our task is one that continues to change and it’s a lot harder than laying down a few tracks at Abbey Road!

Our message never changes: CO is dangerous and you need to protect yourself. What does change is our approach, as we keep reinventing new ways to get the message out there in the hope that the different styles will affect the perceptions of the maximum number of people. Our latest campaign, the three-step help guide, is super-simple to remember


Order CO detectors and protect yourself today.