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Holiday Time? Don't Forget this ONE Essential Item...

Time spent away from work is incredibly precious and we usually try to make the most of the free time by doing something enjoyable. A staple treat for many people in August is the good old summer holiday, combining time off work with a total change of scenery for a stress-busting miracle cure. And no one does holidays quite like the British…

Don't Forget this ONE Essential ItemWe’re known for our dogged determination to get a summer break. As accommodation on holiday can be so expensive, not to mention flights and travel costs, thousands of Brits still opt for a camping or caravan holiday as they have done for years.

Never mind that there’s at least a 50% chance it will rain a lot; the holiday-bound British public think there is nothing unusual about taking a bikini, warm coat, umbrella, rain mac and sunglasses all together. After all, we're just being prepared for the weather that is so reliably unreliable and which we secretly love to complain about.

Packing is another area in which the British excel. We know what we want to take and we’re taking it come what may, even if that means a few undignified moments sitting on a protesting suitcase fighting with the zip. When said zip finally relents… well, there is little in the world that is sweeter than such a victory.

We’re usually pretty reliable about remembering everything, partly because we take almost everything with us. If we do forget to bring something, it’s likely to be some trifling object like money, tickets or the SatNav. Never mind, we’ve got stuff to make a cuppa and a wooly hat - all will be well.

All this gentle self-mockery (another trait the Brits are noted for) actually has a very important point; and it’s going to mean remembering (and finding room in the luggage for) another item. We’re not going to dwell on it as we want you to stay in that holiday spirit so we will say it only once… “TAKE A CO DETECTOR ON HOLIDAY WITH YOU!”

Tents and caravans are just as susceptible to CO buildup as the inside of your home - any heating device such as a stove or even a barbecue can emit the stuff. Not got a detector yet? Get yours HERE.