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How to Have a Safe Hallowe'en

Hallowe’en is just around the corner and children (as well as a good number of adults!) are looking forward to a night of delicious scares. A little bit of fear is a lot of fun (it’s what keeps movie-makers and roller-coaster builders in work) but only when you’re actually perfectly safe! So make sure you have a safe but scary Hallowe’en night with our guide…

Buy CO Detectors-AlarmsTrick or Treat is a custom that never quite seems to lose its appeal; there isn’t much you can say to put off a child who is motivated by a big bag of free sweets! Children should ALWAYS be accompanied on such trips and it doesn’t matter how old they are: if they’re young enough to enjoy Hallowe'en then they need a chaperone.

Try to teach them the value of saving by confiscating most of their stash so you can supervise the how much they eat at once. This is for your own good as well as theirs: children full of sugar will be up all night and will be more frightening than any ghosts or wicked witches!

Whatever scary costume your child wears, make sure they integrate a couple of hi-vis armbands with it. The same goes for the chaperones. As Hallowe’en happens so late in the year, the dark nights have most certainly drawn in and the number of pedestrians involved in road accidents rises sharply so follow the old maxim: be safe, be seen.

Carving a pumpkin into a frightening face is perhaps the most traditional way to enjoy the scary celebration and the image has become a universal symbol of the event. Buy a Goldilocks pumpkin: one that’s not under, not over, but just ripe. That means that you won’t need to use a dangerously sharp carving knife and instead you can buy a dedicated carving kit made from child-friendly plastic.

Nighttime is cold as well as dark at Hallowe’en so we tend to heat our homes more, as well as using cookers and stoves more to whip up hearty, satisfying meals. Heating systems, stoves, cookers and indeed any other item that burns fuel can release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere and CO poisoning is one scare you could REALLY do without. Invisible and odourless, the gas can quickly cause serious health problems and lead to fatalities.

You don’t have to worry about werewolves, monsters or zombies because they don’t exist. Carbon monoxide really is something to protect yourself from and you won’t need garlic or a silver bullet: what you need is a carbon monoxide detector so purchase one today.