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Landlords: Take the First Step to Tenant Safety

Being a landlord entails an array of respon­sibi­lities, many of which involve providing safety features for their tenants. These features include things such as smoke alarms and adequate fire escape routes. One thing that landlords currently AREN’T responsible for is the installation of CO Detectors unless you use Solid Fuel; we here at CO Home Safety along with several other organisations seek for the law to be updated.

As more and more evidence has come to light about the amount of people suffering from cases of CO poisoning, the voices speaking out against the silent killer have become louder and more in sync with one another. It is clear that CO poses a very real, very serious threat to health and life; landlords should therefore be just as responsible for providing protection against CO poisoning as they are for providing protection against fire.

The constant upsurge in the amount of private landlords has meant that legislation has not kept up with the damning statistics from healthcare companies and it’s time that this was changed. A CO detector should be a standard element of home safety granted as a right to all tenants in order to protect their lives.

Many landlords are taking it upon themselves to install CO detectors in their tenants’ homes as part of the role as landlord and we congratulate these caring, forward-thinking professionals. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous landlords out there who will only do the bare minimum required of them by law and this is why installing detectors should become mandatory for landlords.

As well as lobbying for change, one of our crucial roles at CO Home Safety is raising awareness. We believe this to be the most effective way of making change happen; the more people are aware of the dangers the more they will seek to protect themselves, making CO Detectors as standard as smoke alarms.

You can help too, simply by spreading the word. Get yourself a CO Detector and encourage everyone you know to do the same. We need to spread this message faster than CO itself can spread, so do it today. If you need any advice at all, don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at CO Home Safety.