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Lets make Idol Minds Go viral!!!!

We asked our daughter Amie, @amielouise_tw. "What would you like for your sixteenth birthday?"

To watch Idol Minds play.

A laptop, Ipad or horse was the expected answer.

But like we all do we endeavoured to fulfill the wishes of our lovely daughter and if this meant enduring the audible and mental pain of watching a indie/rock group who write there own stuff, then so be it. Anything for peace!

So the journey started at Preston in the student quarter at a local pub last Saturday. The sound was good, the songs unknown, not surprising as they write their own stuff,  but to mix it up they threw in a couple of covers,

 Highlight of the night for me was Dreadlock Holiday! Brilliant!!

On to a gig on Friday organised by M.A.D (Morecambe and district motorcycling club) a charity event to raise money for Donna's dream home.  A good night with a good turnout, Idol Minds rocked!

Last night found us on a very windy North pier in Blackpool. The set included: Silk, These vibrations and Moonlight Lovesongs. (now i am singing along) top tunes, well excecuted.

Started the week with a little trepidation thinking i was taking my daughter to see some young upstarts make a noise.

what I found were four well mannered, articulate intelligent young men working hard on a  journey to their musical Nirvana,

To that end i feel compelled to ask your help in helping them acheive a part of this by following this link and selecting the like button. You need a  facebook account for this.

 Idol Minds can be found on Twitter  or Facebook please give them your support.