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Carbon monoxide is being increasingly recognized worldwide as the deadly yet undetectable threat that it is. A new law was passed on the first of this month that illustrates the danger which is posed by the silent killer.

This new law - the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act - was put forward in 2010, but only recently saw an entry into American legislation. It states that all single-family dwellings in California must have a working carbon monoxide detector. This law was passed as a result of the rising awareness of the silent killer carbon monoxide, and marks a progression in the war on the deadly gas. Fire-fighters in California are encouraging the law that will see a large reduction in deaths caused by the silent killer and the imminence of CO poisoning for anybody is highlighted by the passing of this law.

Even in countries such as the UK where installation of CO alarms is not mandatory, they are still essential to save lives. Carbon monoxide leaves no signs to any human senses of its presence and alarms are the only way to detect it. The passing of this law in California emphasizes the importance of such detectors and hopefully we will see similar laws passed here in the near future.

Regardless of whether British legislature follows that of the United States, it is vital to recognize the importance of CO detectors within our homes, as unawareness is no defense against the silent killer. A CO alarm is a necessity for anybody, especially people who have appliances that run on fossil fuel in their homes. CO-awareness offers information, advice and detectors to anybody who may be in need.

If you have been affected by carbon monoxide: visit www.­covictim.­org