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Silent Killer Carbon Monoxide: Warning Signs that Can Save Your Life

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is know as the 'silent killer'. Would you know the signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?. The following article is written by a Carbon Monoxide victim

You never think it can happen to you. You may never think twice about something as remote as Carbon Monoxide. We didn't. But about five years ago, my family and I lived through the strange scare of Carbon Monoxide
poisoning. Having 4 kids, there were plenty of signs, but it wasn't for hours before we realized this silent killer was among us - filling our home with poison through our heating vents.

With so many people in the house and the action of a family, I am thankful there were so many signs. But what if I lived alone? What if my kids were home alone? It took all six of us to put together the fact that something was seriously wrong. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning happens in silence, killing anyone unaware.

Do you know the signs?

1. Headaches: The morning of our incident, my husband and I both complained of a head ache. This really wasn't out of the ordinary so we dismissed it. If more than one person in your house is complaining of a head ache, this may be tip number 1. It was our first missed sign.

2. Loss of Balance: Early in the morning, when everyone was stirring, our 8 year old lost her balance in the hall. We dismissed this warning sign because she is not our most dexterous child. Strangely, in all of this, our kids never complained. They didn't complain of a headache, or dizziness - even though my daughter was not alone in her balance loss.

My 10 year old son also lost his balance in the bathroom. When I passed the door, he fell into the tub. He didn't hurt himself. In fact, when he looked up we both laughed, not realizing anything was wrong. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"I just slipped." He replied. So, I thought nothing of it. Slips happen in the bathroom. Later, paramedics told us that Carobon Monoxide can effect children a lot faster. I believe this is what was happening in our house that morning.

No warning sign is too small. If you suspect something is wrong, trust your sixth sense. And if more than one child experiences loss of balance in the same hour, you may have a serious problem.

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