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Sleep Safe with Combined Protection

First Alert - Combination CO and Smoke AlarmThere are often comparisons made between smoke detectors and CO detectors: both are small, unobtrusive devices that could save your life. It was inevitable that some bright spark would come up with the idea of combining the two and you can now purchase these double-detectors from our website.

These combination CO and Smoke detector/alarms from highly-renowned company First Alert offer complete protection and boast an array of features and benefits, including:

  • Separate audible alarms and visible LEDs to indicate the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide

  • Test facility so you can make sure the device is always in working order

  • Hush button to stop the alarm if activated in error, such as when somebody burns the toast!

  • Powered with 2 AA alkaline battery, which are included with the detector

  • The ultra-safe device has been tested to the BS EN14604  and BS EN 50291-1 standard and has received the CE mark

  • The sensors for smoke and CO operate totally independently, allowing for the quickest, most accurate detection of either

  • Slow, smouldering fires produce the most deadly smoke and the detector is extremely quick to catch these before they become life-threatening

  • Even the heaviest of sleepers will be immediately roused by the strident alarm sound, which hits a piercing 85dB

We are seeing an increase in the awareness of CO and its damaging effects but awareness simply isn’t enough. People need to make sure that they ACT on this awareness and install CO detectors in their homes to prevent the unnecessary illness and even loss of life that CO can cause.

If you need further information on CO and CO detectors, then we urge you to get in touch with us TODAY. Our experts can quickly and competently answer any questions you may have.