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Stop Thinking About It!

All of the articles we publish here on the CO Home Safety website are designed with one ultimate object: to increase and keep increasing the presence of CO detectors. We foresee a time, hopefully in the very near future, when these devices will be present in every home, protecting the inhabitants from the potentially deadly effects of CO poisoning.

Now that you are armed with all the facts about CO, it’s time to stop thinking about getting a detector and so this article is a call to action: get protected TODAY with a CO detector. Make sure that you get a quality model by choosing from our eclectic selection, which includes:

  • Fireangel Carbon Monoxide Detector-Alarm CO-9D: this model comes highly recommended and gives a full 7 years protection from CO. Extremely sensitive, the device offers the earliest warning of CO’s presence in the home and therefore the very best chance of a positive outcome. Tiny concentrations of the gas, down to 10 ppm, can be detected and the device is capable of displaying peak and low-level readings from the past 4 weeks of monitoring.

  • First Alert Combination CO and Smoke Alarm: for all-round protection, why not combine your detectors with this integral model? Independent detectors for smoke and CO are combined into one handy unit and separate LEDs and sirens make sure you know what you’re dealing with.

  • BRK Battery powered CO Alarm: it is not only in the home that CO poisoning is a risk factor and this device is designed to give protection wherever you are. The compact unit is perfect for taking on holiday with you and is especially suitable for use in small spaces such as tents or caravans, where the buildup of CO can reach a critical level much sooner than in the larger rooms of a house.

Check out our full range of CO detectors and do not hesitate to contact our team if you need advice on selecting the right model for your particular requirements.

BRK Battery powered CO Alarm