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Who You Gonna Call....?

Hallowe’en, like Christmas, comes around just once a year. But for many people, the occult holds a lasting interest and there are thousands of stores and websites selling all kinds of products from candles and incense to spell books and ouija boards. For Carrie Poppy, from Los Angeles, USA, visiting one of these stores was the start of a very strange story…

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When she got home, Carrie says she was ‘overwhelmed by a negative feeling’ that quickly developed into a physical sensation of pressure on her chest. Over the following days, she began to hear whooshing noises and felt as if a person was passing by her.

She believed that an evil spirit had followed her home and, as the sensations intensified, she began to believe that it was a demon. In desperation, she got in touch with a group of real life ghostbusters on the internet.

The group are a skeptical bunch who try to find natural causes for ghostly experiences. One member asked her if she had considered that it might be carbon monoxide poisoning causing her auditory hallucinations and the feeling of pressure on her chest. Carrie immediately got googling and all of the symptoms seemed to fit; pressure on the chest, auditory hallucinations, a ’whooshing’ sensation and an unexplained feeling of dread.

Her next call was to a gas company; she reported a possible leak and investigators came straight to the scene, armed with carbon monoxide detectors. Sure enough, the amounts of the gas in Carrie’s home were way above safe levels and were indeed responsible for the ‘demon’ she had perceived.

Carrie was given hospital treatment and thankfully made a full recovery, after which she returned to her gas-free, demon-free home. A happy ending to a horrifying story!

So if things go bump in the night for YOU this Hallowe’en, never mind Ghostbusters: call the GASBUSTERS!  Even better, buy and install a carbon monoxide detector as your first line of defence against the silent killer.

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